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Obama “Yes We Can” Video

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Video Vixen: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

In Entertainment on September 29, 2008 at 12:28 pm
One Saturday morning I was watching BET’s J and Soul Sessions.
I like that type of music, you know, anything positive that stimulates the mind and has a message.
Anyway, while enjoying music videos I noticed something: the lyrics were relatively positive – messages of love and the likes being crooned – but the video images were of scantily clad women exploiting themselves.
And I do mean themselves.
Although these women were performing in a way that I’m certain directors were culpable, they still had a choice. They didn’t have to accept an exploitative job.
Television plays a very important role in shaping people’s views.
This may sound far fetched but maybe if these video (women) oppose exploitation, put their foot down, unionize, demand more respectable roles – then maybe things would change.
It’s just a thought.
Raising standards would definitely help improve the perception of women as it relates to the TV world and media overall.
Don’t misunderstand me. Women should be respected no matter their profession. It shouldn’t take positive television images to garner respect.
In reality, some buffoons feel negative television images are reason to disrespect women. The rationalization – in their minds – images of scantily clad women mean those women don’t respect themselves, and thus, they don’t deserve to be respected.
I’m baffled why women accept these demeaning video roles. I can’t understand what would cause  women to push their principles aside in exchange for a raunchy role in a music video. Think about it. Very few advance their careers beyond a few seconds of hip thrusting. – MP

Saturday Night Live – Palin / Hillary Open – Video –

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Saturday Night Live – Couric / Palin Open – Video –

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Road to Success

In Inspiration on September 29, 2008 at 8:00 am

I found this on a friend’s social networking page and thought it was worth posting here. Check it out:

The road to success is not straight.

There is a curve called failure,

A loop called confusion,

Speed bumps called friends,

Red lights called enemies,

Caution lights called family.

You will have flats called jobs.

But, if you have a spare called determination,

An engine called perseverance, insurance called faith, a driver called Jesus, you make it to the place called success. – MP

A Cup of Coco Tea steep in Obama

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It’s nice to know West Indian comrades are campaigning even from Jamaica’s Blue Mountains to get Obama into the White House. This is a catchy ditty, wouldn’t you say? Me likes.

So the much anticipated war of the words between presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain took place yesterday evening at Ole Miss. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! Glad to get debate round one outta of the way. Glad McCain decided to resurrect his campaign. Glad Barack – adamant about going forth with the debate come hell or high water, and rightly so – didn’t have to debate with an empty chair.

The jabs were split between the two, I thought.  Barack held his own on foreign policy issues though I found Barack agreeing with one too many points made by McCain irksome as hell.

A CNN survey found 51 percent of those polled thought Obama did a better job; 38 percent said the night belonged to McCain. Forty-six percent of males gave the win to McCain and 43 to Obama. Women voters leaned toward Obama with 59 percent and McCain with 31 percent. I was too lazy to scroll to the part where it says how many voters participated in this poll so take this tidbit with a grain of salt.

But that’s old news now. I’m eagerly awaiting the Joe Biden/Sarah Palin spar this Thursday. Palin’s interview with Katie Couric was a bomb. I can only imagine how she’ll fare against Biden, a politician known for being verbose.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble! – MJ

Epiphany at an Obama Rally

In Personal, Politics on September 29, 2008 at 7:00 am

This Sunday I attended a Barack Obama rally in Detroit. Good stuff. Good times. Good quotes that got me thinking about my goals.

Destiny is not written for us. Destiny is created by us,” said Obama at the rally.

Those words stuck.

There’s much that I want to do like help fund the grade school that sits on a parcel of land that I own in Haiti. The kids could use some school supplies and clothes.

I also want to write a book and I don’t care if it never makes the New York Times best seller’s list. I simply want to write.

I’m embarking on a new career – sort of.  My new j-o-b is going  to be quite the hustle but I’m prepared to work really, really, really hard. This weekend I plunked down $2,000 to move that ball forward.

I’d like to improve my finances. Sort of strange thinking about finances as the U.S. economy teeters and Congress hammers out a $700 billion bailout. Alas! Gotta look to the future, which starts in the next minute.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

I plan to see South Africa, Australia, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Brazil, the Amazon rain forest, the Nile River, West Africa, Italy, Greece, and Ireland.

I dunno. Something about economic and demographic shifts happening in Ireland has piqued my curiosity to see this lush island. That and Frank McCourt’s “Angela’s Ashes.” A tearjerker, I know, but what a story about human strength.

I love to read. I want to read more. I plan to read more. I also want to laugh until my stomach hurts. I will laugh more.

I love nature trails. The sound of birds chirping and dried leaves crunching beneath my feet make me feel close to God. I want to lean on God and love him/her deeply. I want to always be grateful for my 10 working fingers and toes because life could be worse – far worse.

I’ve always been a woman of action. I’ve always believe life is what you make it. There are always choices.


Yup. Yup. Yup.

Destiny is not written for us. Destiny is created by us.

How do you want to live your life and what’s taking you so long to live it?

Like the Nike slogan says, “Just do it,” or better yet, heed the words of Sen. Barack Obama.

I know I will. No. Scratch that. I know I am. – MJ



Da News

In Caribbean interest, Entertainment, Politics on September 26, 2008 at 7:37 pm

Lots. Lots. Lots of interesting news both in the U.S. and the West Indies.

Hmm…let’s see.

  • The United Nations’ Office for Humanitarian Affairs seeks to raise $108 million to support relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged areas in the Caribbean, according to the West Indian Times.  One-third of the fund will be used for shelter, health, water, sanitation, agriculture, education, etcetera. The UN has also appealed for more than $100 million in aid to assist more than 800,000 affected Haitians.  St. Vincent and the Grenadines is lending a hand. Some $100,000 has been earmarked for Cuba and $60,000 for Haiti, reports WIT.
  • The Aussies also are donating $1 million to affected countries including the aforementioned.

Sigh.  More storm systems are brewing in the West Indies.

In related news, I’d still like to amass information on charitable sites other than the obligatory Red Cross. If you know of a cool nonprofit org, do share. Thankie.

  • The Chinese Petroleum Corp. is set to scour nearly 5,000 kilometers of the Caribbean Sea for oil. I found this tidbit interesting given the Republicans’ frothing at the mouth over dreams of off-shore drilling in Alaska. Whatev!
  • Jamaican sprinter, Usain “Me a go. Me a run. Me a win.” Bolt, has been making his rounds,  getting telly time on Live with Regis & Kelly and the David Letterman Show.  Bolt gave Letterman quite the chuckle when he used the word “crater”, which was one of Letterman’s key words when he ripped into No-show McCain this week.
Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

I won’t bore you with footage of the world’s fastest man partaking in an an egg race against Kelly Ripa, who on Friday looked ghastly thin in an asymmetrical one-shoulder black knit dress.  Psss…Kelly, please eat. You’re naturally petite. Too much exercise and not enough caloric intake makes for an uncool look.

In case you missed a peeved Letterman’s rant after Republican presidential nominee No-show McCain‘s last-minute cancellation, here you go. Funny, funny stuff.

Then there was this debacle:

  • Lastly, American Idol star Clay Aiken finally came out the closet. Whew! Finally! His sexuality isn’t a surprise given his one too many bad ladylike coifs. I’m certainly not surprised.  His blue haired fan base might be jarred but I’m not. Any who, glad you came clean, Clay.  Legions of us already knew you bat for the other team. – MJ

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    Emmy as in award

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    There are a gazillion ways I can spend a quaint evening home. One way is to plop down on my denim couch with a glass of wine in hand while watching the red carpet taping of any major award show.  And so this past weekend I tuned in to the Emmy’s. Take a gander at the gowns I thought were fan-tab-u-lous because of their vibrant hues, fluttery fabrics, and cuts. And don’t be shy. Feel free to comment whether you agree with these picks or not.

    Brooke Shields in Badgeley Mischka

    Brooke Shields in Badgley Mischka

    I’ve loved Christina Applegate ever since she played dimwit Kelly on “Married with Children.” She’s so cute and spunky, and I really love her in this dress.  Ooh…it shimmers.

    Christina Applegate in Reem Acra

    Christina Applegate in Reem Acra

    Chandra Wilson is doctor don da da on Grey’s Anatomy.  Her acting commands attention and her character doesn’t F around.  Chandra’s a petite, curvy gal who knows what works for her body type.  Kudos and a handful of Tootsie Rolls (you know, like candy found in a doctor’s office), Chandra, for pulling off this ensemble.

    Chandra Wilson in Tadashi Shoji

    Chandra Wilson in Tadashi Shoji

    Heidi Klum struts her stuff in this glimmering Giorgio Armani Prive.  You definitely need some height to rock this. It’s polarizing, I’m aware. But it’s Heidi and I really like her. When I really like someone I see more of the good than the bad so I’m giving her the green light.

    Heidi Klum in Gorgio Armani Prive

    Heidi Klum in Giorgio Armani Prive

    Last year, I nabbed a pair of strappy yellow BCBG shoes at a discounted price. I was gleeful as hell. This year I added  to my collection of leathery yellow things a vintage leather Kenneth Cole tote and a clutch of the same hue made by Donald J. Pliner. I told close girl pals (because they’re the only ones who’d tolerate prattling on such trivial matters) that yellow is the new black. To support my fashion theory, I present to you Mariska Hargitay in this sizzling Carolina Herrera gown.  Grrr…sassy!

    Mariska Hargitay in Carolina Herra

    Mariska Hargitay in Carolina Herrera

    The exposure in this shot is a tad high, making Mariska’s hot number look blinding – you know, kinda like staring straight into the sun.  But I really want you to see the full shot because this dress is so fan-tab.

    Mariska Hargitay

    Mariska Hargitay

    I think Ellen Pompeo’s character Dr. Meredith Grey should be written into a season-long coma so that the scene-stealing Sandra Oh could get more face time. We could all breathe a sigh of relief as Grey’s whining and aimless analysis about whether she should commit to McDreamy would be muted for at least a while. 

    Sandra Oh in Oscar de la Renta

    Sandra Oh in Oscar de la Renta

    And lastly, it’s Ms. America a.k.a Wilhelmina a.k.a the diva, Vanessa Williams, in a Kevin Hall gown. I got a chance to see a runway show earlier this year that featured Kevin Hall designs. I really liked what I saw – lots of floor-length gowns emblazoned with bold prints. – MJ

    Vanessa Williams in Kevin Hall

    Vanessa Williams in Kevin Hall