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In African American interest, Caribbean American interest, Caribbean interest on September 10, 2008 at 6:31 pm

Why is it that in my Caribbean community there seems to be a lot of men in relationships with more than one woman? Is it something that we’re born with or are we just greedy? Think about it.

From the beginning of time, men have had relationships with multiple women, e.g. Samson, King Solomon, the Great Noah albeit in Noah’s case his wife gave him a concubine. Nonetheless, all of these great men were men of God.

Speaking for myself, I was one of those men – a juggler of many relationships.  One woman wouldn’t do. In my twenties the motto was if the attraction was mutual then we had to get it on.

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a single-parent home (my mom raised me) or if I was just innately a womanizer.

My younger brothers on the other hand, who grew up in a two-parent home, were the opposite.  My father and their mother raised them. They favored monogamous relationships, which made me laugh.  I’d ask if they were crazy.

Could their upbringing be the primary reason why they favored monogamy? What do you think is the reason many men tend to have multiple relationships? – MP

  1. CUZ they stupid that’s why! No offense MP! But come on… Single parent homes? Is that s’posed to be some kind of excuse? If I, as a woman, had a gang of men that I was schlepping at one time then I would be considered a whore, slut, skank and hooch, all that right? You as a man on the other hand if you have a gang of women, your buddies would revere you and think you were God’s gift. I think you should be able to have as many women that you want to: as long as you are honest with all the women you get into a relationship with. Some women don’t care and they’ll get with you anyway.

    But I’m totally getting off the subject aren’t I. Let me get back on the subject, Men have multiple relationships because it makes them feel sexy and desirable to have a gang of women at their beck and call. They probably get bored easily and haven’t found the ONE! They can date as many chicks as they want but when they find the right one, all those other women will fall to the wayside!

  2. I don’t think your womanizing has any thing to do with you growing up in a single parent home. In fact, it should have the opposite effect. I think that a young man who had a mother as the only parent growing up, should have the most respect for women. And I would consider womanizing very disrespectful to the women in your life.

    And yes, womanizing is greedy and aslo possibly insecurity on the part of the men who choose to do it. Maybe men who womanize need reassurance that they are attractive and desirable, and what better way to find out.

  3. From a male perspective I think a man’s inability to just have one woman can stem from a number of various things. One can argue that it could have been inherited from the genes of his father. Just one of his many traits or as the apple not falling far from the tree. Not the say the least that this cycle cannot be broken, because each individual has the power to shape his own destiny but again it can be argued that a young man inherits many of his father’s ways both good and bad.

    Another theory can be chalked up as simple greed. Some Men just like woman have an Insatiable need for more than one thing. In most men case they just can’t be satisfied by one woman and on the opposite side of things most women just can’t be satisfied with a couple pairs of shoes. Both feel a need to have them all and i think this simply equates to plain old greediness.

    I’ll just sum up a couple of the other reasons quickly before i end up writing a book up in here lol.
    Yes some men are very insecure and use womanizing to hide their insecurities,some again a just plain old dogs and looking to take advantage of whatever or whoever comes close. Others are basically good guys but even good guys make mistakes like most humans and when they do falter their is usually a female somewhere out there to enable their shortcummings literally.

    So in essence men as well as women both make mistakes it just so happens that men usually make a lot more but that’s all part of being humans. We as individuals can only try our best to make good decisions which can be better said than done as men have been having these issues since to begining of time and shall continue to the end of time or at least as long as women keep helping the process.

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