Chicago’s South Side

In Michelle Obama, Politics on September 11, 2008 at 5:11 am

I’m taking a detour from this blog’s Caribbean focus to Chicago’s South Side. Expect this to happen from time to time, I mean with this being a blog and all.

Given the presidential election that’s less than two months away and the fierceness that is Michelle Obama gracing a plethora of magazine covers, this deviation is timely and warranted. I mean sheese, it’s Michelle. I’m a fan. A major fan. There’s a legion of us who are. Just check out the blogosphere. Michelle’s a bad mamma jamma: fashionably fierce, a seemingly loving mom, wife, lawyer, ivy leaguer, sistah, better dancer than Barack (see Ellen Sept. 8 YouTube video below) etc.

I may start a scrapbook for the sole purpose of chronicling all things Michelle. I love Barack too but it’s a slightly lesser love and somewhat salacious. Barack is charismatic, smart and sexy. Yes, I said sexy. His brain is sexy. When I look at Barack I totally understand why some women drop their undies for politicians. Err…OK, maybe my moral being won’t allow me to completely understand the swap-your-panty-for-a-political-romp but you get my drift.

Anywho, with Michelle it’s like I’m star struck – like gazing at a big sister with pride and brimming with the feeling that damn, she’s well put together, she’s making it happen, I want to follow suit. Michelle is a symbol of the saying that goes something like, “Beside every strong man stands a strong woman.” If I were to ever meet Michelle I would totally fawn and yes, unabashedly, I’m admitting that. Then I’d cry because I’d be overjoyed.  Perhaps because of nerves and all I’d tell her about the guy who broke my heart and the guy who helped me believe in love again.

She’d grease my scalp because that’s what big sisters do. Of course I’d continue to prattle about love won and loss, my career, and life in general, and oh yeah, the political scene. Like, I’d totally want to dish about the behind-the-scene stuff. The stuff that hasn’t been reported on.

I could totally envision Michelle tenderly parting my hair and nodding as I babble, head tilted.  She may suggest a perm or that I invest in a high-end flat iron like the one she uses to get her hair all super bouncy. I would so oblige because who says no to Michelle? I’d ask, “Think I should get a texturizer, Michelle?” After all, it’s supposedly less harsh than a perm that straightens. Anywho, Michelle’s awesome. The Obamas are awesome. Michelle is amazingly awesome. She’s fan-ta-bu-lous. I totally needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for putting up with my rant. – MJ


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