A change’s gonna come. It might be in the form of an O.

In Politics on September 19, 2008 at 6:43 am

The simmering water is about to come to a boil and I’m waiting with bated breath. Media brouhaha over Sarah Palin is tempering.

The moose poop is about to hit the ceiling.  Splat!

Conservative Republicans are beginning to gripe about McCain’s veep selection. They’re wondering aloud if Hockey Mom Palin has what it takes to hold the No. 2 political spot. The preliminary assessment is no, according to several media reports including ones by The Huffington Post and New York Times.

In Alaska, a legal mess is unfolding in episodic fashion involving Palin, an ex-in-law who was a state trooper, a fired public safety commissioner, and hubby de resistance, Todd Palin. The scandal’s been nicknamed Troopergate.

In related news, recent hacking of Palin’s Yahoo account not only demonstrates that we should all be concerned about e-mail privacy but we should be quivering over what looks like Palin exhibiting Bush-esques attributes.

The hacked documents show Palin has been conducting state matters via personal e-mails. The surreptitious act implies Palin ain’t big on government transparency. I mean really, y’all? Really? Shouldn’t Alaskan citizens be privy to the wheeling and dealings of the governor they put in office or is that no longer the American way?

But let’s not fret ourselves into a tizzy. It appears the cookies crumbling.

Several bits of chocolate chip are already on the floor.  Crunch, crunch!  Watch your step, McCain-Palin crew, or as Palin calls the Republican presidential ticket, “Palin-McCain”.

Doh! What a blunder, not to mention a scary indication of what else may be bubbling in Palin’s head besides field dressing a moose.

My guess: she might be devising a plan to field dress McCain, or as my cousin told me the other night, “She’ll put rat poison in his coffee,” or “Shoot’ em from a plane, claiming she thought he was a rather large white wolf.”

In the eloquent words of the Jigga Man, the streets are watching. All scrutinizing eyes are on Palin.  Let’s hope the watchfulness remains until Nov. 4.

In other news, the economy continues to sink even if the Dow jumped 3.9% at the close of the Thursday’s trading. – MJ.

  1. Palin is a trip man. She is totally casting a negative glow on McCain’s campaign. I LOVE the negative publicity. I agree that hope it last until Nov. 4th so that these clueless soccer mom’s who want to vote for her moose shooting, pay for your own rape kits, rape victim, no Bush doctrine knowing behind , get so fed up with her that they get on the good foot and vote for Big Daddy Obama! OBAMA ’08 YA”LL!

  2. You can betcha by golly that I’m keeping my fingers crossed! – MJ,a bona fide Obama supporter.

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