Letter to mom: Journey from Grenada to America.

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Big Momma and Boy by Gordon Parks

Big Momma and Boy by Gordon Parks

Dear Mamma,

I know you love me.

I know the sacrifices you’ve made and continue to make so that I and your grandchildren can have better lives.

Being a single mother at 21 was no easy task, even if you’d earned your college degree in Grenada and pursued a teaching career on the island. You made a tough decision to move to the United States when I was the tender age of seven. You wanted to build a better life for the two of us.

Even after graduating from the island’s university, life was rough.

Relatives tell me that you were the sole breadwinner, providing for your siblings until they were  able to pitch in.

You ventured to America, leaving me and other loved ones behind, to strive for a better life.

What trying times those days must have been?

To leave the familiar and venture into the unknown was risky, but you weren’t afraid. You wanted your son’s future to shine brighter than yours.

But what a shock it must have been to learn when you arrived on U.S. soil that your college degree meant nothing. What hurt you must have felt. But you persevered. You, being a strong black woman, pulled yourself together and forged ahead. You swallowed your pride and took a job cleaning people’s homes.

You took on an extra job, looking after a couple’s child while you privately longed to be with me.

After some years of saving money, you enrolled in college in Brooklyn, NY, while sending money to relatives in Grenada. Finally the day came when we reunited. I was 10.

I’ve witness the sacrifices you made and the feats you achieved. You’re a college graduate, a property owner, and the mother of a businessman.

You’ve done well and I’m proud. I often recount your triumphs to female friends when they’re feeling discouraged.

To me, you’re a success story and my hero.

You’re a phenomenal woman.

Love and respect always, your son – MP.

  1. This is a beautiful letter, but my question to the writer is even though you understand the many sacrifices your mother had to make being a single parent; why do you not respect black women? Why aren’t they put on a pedestal and treated like the queen they are? Too many of our black boys(MEN)claim to be so appreciative of the many sacrifices that their single mother has made to get them to where they are in life, but yet they mistreat black women and lead them to make the same sacrifices that their mother has made.


  2. Damn my brova lol you almost made me cry it’s strange how you can know someone more than 17 years not knowing past struggles anyhow keep doing ya thing well written and keep on raising the bar PS.very inspirational looking forward for more ya friend James F

  3. I have a comment to make in regards to Ms. Forrester’s comment. Why you so hard on the brother? I really enjoyed the homage he made to his mother. I don’t see anything in that tear provoking letter that reeks of disrespect to black women! I say You go boy! I know your mother will feel a sense of pride when reading that letter. I hope one day I can have a son that appreciates me half as much! Much love my brotha!!!!!!!!

  4. Well Ms. Jennafah the writer letter to his mother is very beautiful which I stated in my comment. But my comments are in regards to his letter to his mother, and also the letter he wrote about “nuff gal”. In one sense he speaks of how much respect he has for his mother’s struggles to get him to where he is today, but yet he questions why black man cannot be faithful to one women. Because of his mother’s struggles, this should make his respect for black women even more intense, and he should not have to ask why he cannot be faithful to one women. Because being faithful is also showing that he understands his mother’s struggles and would not want to put any women through the same struggles.

    I love the writer and did not say anything here to take away from his letter to his mother, only to enlighten him to think differently about other areas of his life.

  5. Nice son, I found the letter very inspirational and reminiscence.Can relate coming from a similar situation. Give thanks for all the mama’s!
    Especially the one’s that stood by us 100% and sacrificed much for our future.

  6. MP that was a VERY touching and Inspirational letter to mom.. I hope she reads it and understands how much you appreciate her endured hardship and sacrifice in order to make a better life for you and her self.. God bless her..
    I say this because you may not always show it and sometimes your words may go unheard of, because of life’s activities and issues (hey we all have them). But @ the end of the day, it’s a beautiful and very encouraging thing, for a mother to know that her child/children are forever grateful for having her in their lives, and she has nothing but utmost respect and undying love from them.. Your letter has Inspired me (being a single parent) to reach for the stars in honor of my son..Thanks

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