Video Vixen: R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

In Entertainment on September 29, 2008 at 12:28 pm
One Saturday morning I was watching BET’s J and Soul Sessions.
I like that type of music, you know, anything positive that stimulates the mind and has a message.
Anyway, while enjoying music videos I noticed something: the lyrics were relatively positive – messages of love and the likes being crooned – but the video images were of scantily clad women exploiting themselves.
And I do mean themselves.
Although these women were performing in a way that I’m certain directors were culpable, they still had a choice. They didn’t have to accept an exploitative job.
Television plays a very important role in shaping people’s views.
This may sound far fetched but maybe if these video (women) oppose exploitation, put their foot down, unionize, demand more respectable roles – then maybe things would change.
It’s just a thought.
Raising standards would definitely help improve the perception of women as it relates to the TV world and media overall.
Don’t misunderstand me. Women should be respected no matter their profession. It shouldn’t take positive television images to garner respect.
In reality, some buffoons feel negative television images are reason to disrespect women. The rationalization – in their minds – images of scantily clad women mean those women don’t respect themselves, and thus, they don’t deserve to be respected.
I’m baffled why women accept these demeaning video roles. I can’t understand what would cause  women to push their principles aside in exchange for a raunchy role in a music video. Think about it. Very few advance their careers beyond a few seconds of hip thrusting. – MP
  1. While I’m not defending these women and the choice of profession, I must say, is it the fact that they are in the video and dancing, posing, or doing whatever too sexy, or is it what they do after the lights, camera and action are all gone the reason behind your views. I enjoy dressing sexy, dancing and posing with friends with limitations for pics, but does that mean I am demeaning myself. I am not sure if you mean what they do after the video is done, that’s a different story. I feel it’s what do these women do at the end of the day. Is she paying her bills?going to school? setting realistic goals to better herself? Or is she just there as a video ho, that is what makes them demeaning, but if all we see and hear about is the sexy pic they took or video they were in then it’s society judging someone they don’t even know.

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