Gotcha! Sorta. RiRi’s Stylist Revealed.

In Entertainment, Fashion on October 1, 2008 at 3:27 am

Holy Molly!

I’ve just learned the name of the stylist responsible for putting the Bajan Barbie in some of the most hideous get ups of 2007-2008.

According to People Magazine, the person responsible for dressing Rihanna like a human parrot is Lyse Cooper. I did a quick Google search to see if I could dig up Cooper’s picture. Alas! I came up with zilch.  And so, this Cooper person remains faceless and in my book, unaccountable.

However, to support my assumption that said stylist was totally thinking of adjectives like tricolor, bright, feathery, and bacchanal, hear what Cooper told People about RiRi’s style.

And. I. Quote.

“She’s able to bring an island feel to her style but she’s very Grace Jones in the 80’s: avant-garde and fun.”

The key words here are “island feel”.  I won’t touch the Grace Jones mention. This Lyse Cooper is totally dressing RiRi in heaps of plumage and glitter and unsightly thigh-high gladiator boots and, oh yeah, more plumage because Cooper thinks it’s complementary to the singer’s Caribbean heritage. Oh, the agony! Oh, the stereotypes!

But in a strange twist of how-the-heck-did-that-happen, RiRi made People’s top 10 best dressed list for 2008.

Yeah, rigggggggggggght.

I’m unconvinced. I’ll take it a step further and say that RiRi landing on the best dressed list was a political move.  Straight up! I’ve been inside newsrooms and magazine offices before. I know what’s really hood.

These media types are not blind. They see what I see, which is a pretty girl dressed in far too many bird feathers. They also see a gal who takes great cover pics and who recently nabbed a deal with Gucci. What’s that? Did someone say cha-ching? Does plastering this pop star’s adorable face on magazine covers not move circulation? See where I’m going with this? Get my drift?

In related news, RiRi plans to start her clothing line as soon as next year.  I can only hope it doesn’t flop like the House of Dereon started by uber idol, Beyonce, and mama Tina Knowles. Speaking of, the word Dereon brings to mind the word derriere, which is a funky thought. Doncha think? – MJ

Rihanna looking picture perfect.

Rihanna looking picture perfect.

RiRi looking crazzzzzzzzzzzy courtesy of kooky stylist

RiRi looking f-ing crazzzzzzzzzzzy


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