It’s My Single Life so Cece Your Way Out!

In Personal, Relationships on October 2, 2008 at 3:53 pm




It’s become apparent to me with every concerned inquiry, with every raised brow, with each pointed finger that women in relationships hold the answer to finding a companion or so they think.


I love my girl pals. But, boy oh boy, their fretting about my love life, which at this moment is moving in slow motion – Matrix style, has soared to the top of my list of peevish things.


It’s as if relationships with their significant others go on auto pilot and they’re looking for something to keep them busy, like say, my love life or lack there of.


For starters, I take sporadic breaks from dating. It’s an urban jungle out there. Lots of slimy two-legged creatures walking around. Recuperating every so often is good for the mind and soul. Keeps you sane.


I have this friend. For the purpose of divulging zilch about her identity, being mindful of privacy acts and all that other crap, I’ll give her the alias Cece. It’s a nice alias that says a lot about my friend like she’s a sistah, thinks she can sing, and doesn’t hold back.


So Cece – a married woman (alert! pertinent information here) – thinks I should tackle dating more aggressively, marathon-style if you will.


Cece has essentially turned me into her pet project.


Cece is stubborn and convinced that a woman should always have a man in her life. Always! She finds it difficult to believe that I’m truly content with my life as it stands. I love to cook, eating is one of my favorite past times, I travel quite a bit, I’m a nature geek, amateur photographer, I love trying new things like horseback riding, and taking spur of the moment adventures.


I’m quite zany so zorbing – a New Zealand sport that calls for stuffing a human being into a clear plastic ball and pushing it down a hill – is something I’m dying to do.


But from Cece’s vantage point, I’m man less MJ. The numero uno convo had whenever we hang out is my love life, which is why I’ve put a much needed moratorium on our monthly Friday night bar hops.


My repeated pleas for her to stop meddling and setting me up with the kookiest men has fallen on deaf ears. It’s borderline maddening. Cece seems to think she’s helping me out because,  after all, she’s “been there.”


Where you wonder? Damn if I know. But “there” seems to be code word for single female, which when further analyzed translates to desperately lonesome.


Well, I’m on to you Cece and those of your likes. I know you’ve forgotten the non marital days of yore when the sun shone just as brightly, life was dandy, laundry wasn’t urgent, parties were nonstop, and fruity cocktails satisfied your palettes. That’s your prerogative.


But for the love of all things cosmopolitan, chic, and open until the twilight hour, please keep your nose out of my single and independent life. Love ya, girl, but really… you were “there” once. You had your fun. It’s my turn and I’m really having fun – lots of it. – MJ



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