Dat Lovey Dovey – the Obamas.

In Politics, Relationships on October 2, 2008 at 8:12 pm

Months ago I told my friends I thought the Obamas were the couple to eye. The love between Barack and Michelle is beyond visible, it’s captivating. I certainly can’t get enough of these two.

*Gush, gush.  Would someone please pass the popcorn?*

The Obamas recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.



The beginning.

See what Huffington Post bloggers say about the Obamas‘ relationship. While you’re at it, check out this really cool slide show that will surely leave you chanting, “Yes, we can!”

The Obamas are an example why I scoff when people spew acrid crap about relationships such as men ain’t fill-in-the-blank; women are fill-in-the-blank; love is fill-in-the-blank.

There are LOSERS on the prowl, and these LOSERS are quite deft at masking their ill intentions. But I refuse to let LOSERS win.


Speaking of LOSERS and totally hoping McCain and Palin will be among the defeated bunch, I’d like to segue to a related matter about voting. Please be sure that you’re registered to vote cuz, like, you can’t vote if you’re not registered.

What I’m saying is you’ll be turned away when you arrive at the polling booth and that might look, um, embarrassing considering you had like forever to register. Know what I’m saying?

Now that I’ve done my public service announcement bit, I’m rerouting the convo back to fawning over the Obamas.  Ah, yes we can.

*More gushing.*

*MJ is blasting Stevie’s “Do I Do”. *

My life has been waiting for your love
My arms have been waiting for your love to arrive
My heart has been waiting
My soul anticipating your love, your love, your love

...Do I do, do I do
What you do, what you do
When I do my love to you

*MJ is now bopping to Chris Brown’s “With You,” – a downgrade from Stevie’s classic but still a snappy ditty considering the garbage out there nowadays.*

…and the hearts all over the world tonight.


Ooh, yeah, ooooh, yeah…the hearts, I said, the hearts…







  1. that was very touching, keep up the good work mj. rumor has it that you are the driving force behind labay, is that true?

  2. Love the Obamas.. love the way they love and support each other. Hey ladies and guys, we can learn a thing or two from this couple . Go Obama.

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