Breaking News: DJ Kaution Dies in Car Crash

In Entertainment on October 4, 2008 at 1:15 am

DJ Kaution, a popular Grenadian dee-jay, died in a car accident Friday in Grenada.

Eye-witnesses said DJ Kaution, who’s real name is Kurt George, was reportedly speeding along the strip that leads to the airport when the vehicle he was driving crashed.

Fire fighters, who arrived at the scene, used the jaws of life to remove DJ Kaution’s body from the vehicle at about 9 p.m. Eastern Time, according to sources in Grenada.

“The country is sad and the saddest part is he just got married a few months ago,” said an eye-witness at the scene of the wreckage.

He reportedly was heading to New York to be with his pregnant wife.  DJ Kaution played for one of Grenada’s biggest music sets, Point Blank. He also headlined on the local radio station in Grenada, WEE-FM.

He was about 28-years-old. It is unclear if there were passengers in the  vehicle or if others were injured.

As of Sunday, conflicting details were still being reported on what caused the car crash that killed DJ Kaution. WEE-FM will update its Web site as it learns more about the fatal accident.

LaBay Weblog sends its condolences to DJ Kaution’s family and friends. -MJ & MP

*This post has been updated with corrections. Please note that LaBay was among the first to report the death of DJ Kaution, beating news outlets online.  We thank you for your sincere comments posted on our Web site. *


  1. thats so sad…. he will be missed! RIP best Grenadian DJ

  2. She had the babies today… he was going to the airport so he could be with his wife and twin babies… RIP Kaution
    Regulars to the family

  3. My sympathies to his family, my heartfelt feelings to his wife and my blessings an guidance for their children.

    ~ Sister of the young man in the car he hit.
    The passengers in the car he hit should be ok according to doctors reports this morning. One is scheduled for surgery. All three had broken body parts and trauma.

  4. Kirt was not leaving Grenada on Friday he was due to leave on Saturday..


  6. The bad thing about this and many news worhty stories is that people take “hear-say” as facts. Kurt was not on his way to NY that night, he was married over a year ago…and, his kids were not born as yet. PLEASE PEOPLE…get ya facts straight ! RIP Bro…miss u, love u, miss u…always will have u n my heart.

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