The Touch

In Inspiration on October 13, 2008 at 9:33 pm
I read the blog on the Obamas and it made me think about the importance of the human touch, something that I ponder ever so often.
What if someone offered you financial stability for the rest of your life only if you never touch another person ever again. What if you took the offer…
The human touch is unmistakably one of those things we take for granted, yet it’s such a simple act.
The feeling of a kiss between a man and woman, the passion that arouses and awakens ones soul (if it’s done right).
The inner peace of a baby holding your pinky finger.
The joy of feeling another heart beat when given a hug.
The tear that falls down your face and grandma wiping it with the back of her hand.
The hi-five your girl gives you when you two know that a brother is FINE.
The fist to fist jab from your boy because you got the promotion.
I would rather be broke than to never feel these simple things that are PRICELESS. – Dred Woman, blog contributor.

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