Alton Ellis dead; Beanie man beats tax evasion charges

In Entertainment on October 19, 2008 at 9:30 pm

Reggae artist Alton Ellis, regarded as the pioneer of reggae’s rocksteady sound, died of cancer last Friday.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Ellis did with 

“Reggae is at is lowest ebb to me for fifteen years, ’cause for the past fifteen years it been going on the up an’ up and it just turn now. Like, missing Bob is one factor. You ‘ave different competition of sound now, like Hip Hop. Plus, people in London, their appetite for Reggae has changed. 

“The quality, the contents deteriorate. Is a lot of thing contributed to that. 70% of the person in Jamaica today is bad boy, is coke man, and man who sell enough in America and come to Jamaica now and start invest. 60% of the producer them is like that now. Musically the knowledge is like that (indicates tiny space between thumb and forefinger). Most have some money an’ call good musicians to work, but there’s no direction.”

Read the entire Q&A at

Ellis’ work spans more than a dozen albums recorded between 1967 and 2001.

In other news, earlier this month Beenie Man was cleared of tax evasion charges. The judge ruled that Beenie Man, who owed some $1 million in back taxes, was unaware of his rights when auditors made their assessment last year, BBC News reported. – MP


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