Everything happens for a reason or are we the reason?

In Inspiration on October 28, 2008 at 11:05 pm

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.” – Nikki Giovanni

Nowadays, hearing the saying “Everything happens for a reason,” makes me cringe. Its meaning has morphed into a platitude. I’ll admit it. I’ve been guilty of muttering this senseless phrase. For the most part, I’ve found it to be the nicest thing to say in sticky situations. I shrug my shoulder and let those words effortlessly drip from my lips, “Everything. Happens. For. A. Reason.” 

It’s become the thing to say but it has neither punch nor bite. 

Life happens. There are definitely events that we can’t control and then there are those many moments that we can. I believe that there’s an omniscient God who watches over us. He’s given us free will, and here in lies what I find peevish about that stupid saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” 

We have free will. People make choices and those choices – our decisions – have outcomes. Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” rings true. 

Life happens, but everything doesn’t happen for a reason. Our decisions impact our daily lives. When we opt to go with what’s behind door A as oppose to door B and vice versa, or turn left rather than head right, those decisions shape our tomorrow. 

Let’s hold ourselves accountable for the choices we’ve made rather than justify our decisions, even if made poorly, with meaningless phrases. Copping out is lame. Don’t be lame. Be responsible, take heed of your actions, learn from your mistakes and keep on keepin’ on. – MJ



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