In Relationships on January 2, 2009 at 4:58 am

How many people can we really call our friends? Think about this carefully. Not everyone we view as a friend is a friend. You might have their best interest at heart but do they reciprocate? I recently learned that even though a supposed friend does something seemingly kind for you it doesn’t mean that that person’s a friend. I’ve learned that people can do kind things but still harbor ill feelings. In other words, they can do something nice for you but still dislike you. I’d like to call it the old Othello-Iago/Cain-Abel (take your pick) effect.

Now why would someone cloak their disdain for you while pretending to be your friend? Many of these obvious reasons are just plain dumb: This foe garbed in sheep’s clothing might be jealous of your hair, car, house, clothes, relationship, financial wealth, etc.

Sad. Like most of you I know with God plus hard work anyone can reach their fullest potential. If someone lacks something today, no need to fret and harbor jealous feelings. You may receive those same blessings tomorrow.

A friend to me is someone who is there for you through trying times, doesn’t harbor jealous feelings, helps you when you could use a hand, and gives good advice. There’s also that person who you might not see or speak to in years but when y’all speak, it’s as if time hasn’t elapsed.  – MP


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