Turn Back Da Clock

In Family, Personal on January 4, 2009 at 12:07 am


Ever ponder questions like, “Why the hell did I grow up?” or “Why couldn’t I remain a kid for the rest of my life”? Perhaps the latter is a stretch. But maybe you’ve wished you stayed a kid a little longer.

Maybe you’ve yearn for super powers to slow time and push back adult things like going to work each morning, riding crowded buses and trains, or hopping in your car and navigating traffic-jammed streets.

As a kid, the streets were still busy, but from the vantage point of a child, the view was different then. It was fun – an adventure. The responsibilities were humdrum, lacking the trepidation connected to adult duties. As a little one, your biggest responsibilities included getting your homework done, cleaning your room and/or feeding the dog. To think that those task seemed monumental then. Remember when a weekly $20 allowance felt like a lot of money? 

You’d spend it on candy, toys, comic books and still have enough left for Chinese food. Yeah man, those were the good old days. Grown-up world, back to you now. I’m off to work! Peace. – MP.


  1. This artical is cute not to mention the picture on here is adorable I must confess that I don’t grow cause I’m a toys r us kid LOL ………

  2. damn i envy you i use to get $5 allowance lol anyhow this definately took me back a few years damn it’s the little things we tend forget and not appreciate.This passage made me again embrace good old innocent memories of my youth thnx for the literal visual write on my brova write on!!!!JF

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