Rant No. 151: Neverland ain’t part of the West Indies.

In Caribbean American interest, Caribbean interest on January 16, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Had an interesting conversation with a pal recently. It was somewhat lopsided as I was the one doing most of the talking but I’ll peg it as a convo nonetheless. We were discussing the plight of young Caribbean and Caribbean Americans in major cities like New York. OK, let me be honest. I was expounding on the unnecessary evils that plague this group: drugs, guns, and a gaggle of out-of-wedlock babies wedged in between. Sure, there has always been wayward individuals among blacks, among whites, and among the palm tree-hugging West Indians.

Of course, everyone’s journey isn’t the same and NO ONE is perfect. Often, it takes walking a crooked line or two to get on a straighter path. I get that. Oprah gets that. Sheese, many of us get that. But when did these perverse behaviors overtake aspirations Caribbeans have longed been lauded for? There use to be a time when Caribbean parents reared American children and their boatload of just comes to become la creme de la creme among black society. We use to be model emigrants at least in the black diaspora. It ain’t quite so anymore, anecdotally speaking that is. Education and other aspirations have taken a back seat to negative behaviors that further harm already troubled black communities.

The pressure’s off. 

Those kids have now morphed into adults with childlike minds. The maturation process has slowed. Someone pressed the snooze button. These oversized kiddies don’t want to leave Neverland. They’ve put a pause on reaching higher grounds. 

In the words of Marvin Gaye with a slight MJ twist, what’s effing going on?

I long for the days when it wasn’t all about gunshots, pretty faces, unwed parents, and the latest sexually laden Reggae tunes. Morality has unraveled. The bar has been lowered. We’ve become lackadaisical. That’s the norm today. Bummer.

What happened to the good old days when normalcy was equated with pushing hard to be the best? – MJ


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