Rihanna and Chris, oh mon dieu!

In Caribbean American interest, Caribbean news, Entertainment on February 9, 2009 at 7:20 pm

I’m at a lost about news that Chris Brown may have given RiRi a beatdown. Not sure what to say. So many questions. Not enough answers. LA Times claims the alleged woman involved in the scuffle was the Bajan pop star. Other news reports have not disclose the woman’s identity. Brown’s family history involves domestic violence. He also knows karate. Lawd have mercy. 

Wrigley suspended its campaign featuring the star. 

Rumors are fluttering. Supposedly some are saying the altercation is because RiRi gave Chris herpes. 

Media reports that ain’t so: 

Also just to clear things up, there are a few FAKE rumors out there that we need to clear up:

  • First, the woman who was allegedly assaulted WAS RIHANNA not some “friend”. Many news organizations are reluctant to release the name of a domestic violence victim., however, believes that there is a pressing public interest to know all that happened.
  • Second, there was no car accident. Chris and Rihanna’s PR team made up the whole “accident” story to hide what truly happened in the car that night
  • Third, Chris did not punch Rihanna in her face because she gave him herpes. This rumor is floating around the net and it’s A LIE. Chris saw the cold sore just like the rest of us weeks ago – and it didn’t stop him from messing with her. This story is nothing to joke about. Domestic violence is a serious subject, and Chris Brown is facing serious charges – we shouldn’t make up fake ish about this situation

    My mouth is agape. Domestic violence is never cool and this news isn’t cool. I hate to bring the so-called race factor into this but Chris and RiRi are some of the cleanest black artist out there. There are enough shenanigans happening in the hip hop community to keep news cycles going with negative coverage.

    We could have done without this modern day Ike and Tina incident. Sheese, I could have done without. I really like RiRi and Chris. Unfortunate news. Very unfortunate. – MJ


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