Lessons from A-Rod: Stop blaming it on youthful thinking!

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It’s one of my many pet peeves: Senescent mofos who come up with trite excuses to explain why they did something utterly stupid and immature. I just had to share snippets from a New York Times blog post I recently read that gets across nicely my point on this very issue. 

Earlier this week, we saw a lip-biting, brow-crunching Alex Rodriguez, arguably the best player in baseball and certainly the game’s most insincere human being, explain why he took performance-enhancing drugs in his prime.

“I was young, I was stupid, I was naive.”

Whoooaaa, A-Rod. Stop the tape. For the record, he was pumped up on steroids and other drugs from ages 26 through 28, while the highest-paid player in baseball, with a 10-year, $252 million contract.

He was a man in full, but wants us to think of him as a boy. He was a corporation unto himself, a very calculated one at that. He cheated to get an edge. Then he lied about it.

But if nothing else, the A-Rod ‘roid admission this week — after he famously looked Katie Couric in the eye in 2007 and denied ever taking drugs to help him perform — gives us a chance to parse the oldest of lame excuses: young and stupid.

I always say hold yourself accountable especially when you’re 21 and up. And if you’re over 25, there’s even more reason to act like an adult cuz, ahem, you are an adult. Skip the hackneyed excuses please.

By the way, the NY Times blog on A-Rod is so worth reading. Also check out this satiric take by The Onion on the A-Rod Fiasco. I loves The Onion.- MJ

  1. does this mean A-Rod didn’t naturally get twice as huge over the last few years?

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