Don’t know much about baseball but here’s what I think: Don’t blame A-Rod, at least not solely.

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In all honesty, I can’t stand baseball. 

Actually, no, that’s not it. I can’t take watching baseball on the telly. My dad is a major baseball fan. He loves New York baseball whether it’s the Bronx Bombers or the Flushing, Queens crew, the Mets sluggers. He totally revels in the game in the comfort of his living room and I suppose having a cold brewski in hand makes his at-home spectating that much more fun.

But MJ has to be in the stadium cuz that’s the only way I’ll get it –  America’s fascination with the game that is and trust that I have. 

So even I can understand fans’ disappointment that A-Rod with aid from his phantom cousin did the steroid okie pokey. Bummer for the Bronx Bomber. Bummer for his fans.

Gotta say that I’m not surprised that A-Rod’s name has been added to that roguish roster marked ANABOLIC STEROID USERS: NO HALL OF FAME FOR YOU! This is baseball after all where contract dollars are as high as you can dream and drug oversight as far as the eye can see. Like you gotta squint to see it in spite of all the loose paper stamped Mitchell Report falling from the blue skies.  

But I gotta admit even MJ felt a little soft for the Yankee metrosexual slugger as he teared up during his press conference in Tampa on Monday or Tuesday (cuz like I said I really need to be at the actual baseball event for these sort of details to stick). 

Howeverrrr, I wasn’t buying his hackneyed excuse of I-was-young-and-stupid-and-didn’t- know- that -sticking-myself-with-needles-with-help-from-my-cousin-who-I-ain’t-naming act. It doesn’t wash. Tell me you had a fill-in-the-blank energy drink, not realizing that fill-in-the-blank energy drink was laced with fizzy anabolic steroid ingredient. Don’t tell me that you were bending down while your cousin poked you with a needle and alarm bells even at the not-so-tender age of 25 didn’t go off. 

All in all, I found A-Rod’s press conference, which I watched about half-way through the media Q&A part, bewildering. Yet, I gotta agree with A-Rod on one front: baseball is bigger than Rodriguez – like a gazillion baseball diamonds way bigger. 

I’m not saying brush this aside or hurry up and move forward. Steroid use in the MLB and beyond is a big, major deal and it creates physical disadvantages among players, is unsportsmanlike, among many other reasons I’m too lazy to lay out that makes it bad, bad, bad. 

But brouhaha over one player – no matter how major of a star he is – with little attention to the club as a whole including managers, etcetera, does nothing to correct the problem or alleviate pressures (and greed) these athletes feel that drives them to furtively go druggy.

Whatever became of that Mitchell Report any way and the subsequent stringent regulations it was suppose to usher in?  Never mind. I’m going shopping. What do I know about baseball? Nada, that’s what! – MJ


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