Skank gets embarrassed on stage with reggae artist Mavado. Oops!

In Caribbean American interest, Caribbean interest, Caribbean news, Entertainment, Grenada, Haiti, Humor, Jamaica, Trinidad on February 18, 2009 at 1:21 am

I don’t go to these types of concerts anymore but when I did I was always annoyed by that random chick or chicks who felt the need to install themselves into the act. You know what I’m talking about. Those skanky,  um ,raunchy Caribbean chicks who’d climb up on stage and wind their bums bums in a come hither, bang me now fashion to whichever reggae star happened to be performing. It always made me want to scream, “Hey you with the bad hair dye job and disintegrating outfit, yeah you, please get the fuck off the stage!” A little volatile, I know. But sheese, when I plunk down my hard earned money to see an act, I want to see the act minus corny additives like horny Caribbean chick showing off her inverted dancing abilities on stage.

As Jersey cats would say, bonk dat!

And I’m so not hatin’. It’s just there’s a time and place for that and it’s known either as the battle circle at a dance hall or in front of one those ubiquitous club mirrors that we Caribbean gals are known to commandeer cuz…

OK, I’m clueless as to why we do this. Absolutely clueless. But do check out this brief video and see reason No. 13 why it’s not a good idea to hop on the stage in the middle of a reggae act.

And pay no attention to the writing below about squeezed boobies. That’s not what I’m alluding to. Beside, stage skanks typically expect a lil’ groping action when they thrusts themselves in the spotlight.

Dare I say, I’m certain she wasn’t feeling so special afterwards. Hee, hee. – MJ


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