Chronicle of Nina Sky: A Caribbean gal’s dating tales in South Florida.

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Whatever happened to Pouchon? 


The Dating Chronicles of Nina Sky All characters chronicled are completely fictional (not really). Any resemblance to actual people you know is strictly coincidental! (Then again, I might be talking about you). 

I’m about to nickname myself unlucky in love cause every man I meet has nothing I need and everything I don’t want like a wife, kids (with an attached mother, or the lack of a job).

What is this new trend of jobless men who think they can push up on a precious jewel such as myself? Just because I am over thirty (33 if you’re wondering) it doesn’t mean that I am desperate.

I’m not just going to allow any old boob to get at me. I want what I want and if I can’t have it, Jesus and I will have a long serious talk. What I have realized in my 33 years of living is that I have a “type”. I’m still discovering myself. Isn’t that amazing? Well here’s the type of man that will have me giving him a second, third or fourth look. I love teddy bear men. All skinny men need not apply.

I love men who are super thick and squeezable like “Charmin”. He must be taller than me, at least 6’1 and above. I prefer his complexion to be caramel, mocha, or cappuccino-colored (although this is not super important, it’s still a preference). I love bald men (especially because black men in my age range are already losing their hair. Why not go bald my friend? It’s sexy! If they haven’t lost their hair yet, then I love a man with well-kept dreads. I also love facial hair. Not the Santa Claus beard but a nice ‘goatee’ or a Rick Ross type beard.

I prefer him to be at least 2 years older than me. (This is negotiable as well but grandpas need not apply and if you can be my son, stay away!) I do not have the desire to be a “cougar” to any cub and I definitely don’t want to be labeled your “MILF” either!

Last time we spoke I told you about a couple jokers that I met. No one promising right? We’ll this time I have a whole slew of jokers that I’d like to talk about. Let’s see. Oh, “Pouchon”. The last time I told you about him we were supposed to meet right? I met him through a mutual friend and we talked on the phone. He said he was coming to the state where I live and we’d hook up. He told me he had a plane ticket and we spoke the day before his departure.

The next day when he should have been in my state, I heard nothing. Well I called him and no response. I called him later on that day and still nothing. I thought that was weird. Later on that night I received a text asking me, “Who is this?” My first thought was ‘Uh oh’ he has a wife or girlfriend or something who found his phone and the text we had been sending each other back and forth. I text back something to the effect of, “If you don’t know who this is then apparently you don’t need to know.” The response from obscure person: “This is his brother and he’s been in an accident”.

Turns out Pouchon was OK but in the hospital though I was unable to get the name of the hospital where he supposedly was admitted from his obscure brother. I was so torn because I felt a little responsible because Pouchon was en route to see me before the supposed accident that led him to the hospital instead. Then I thought maybe he was a mass murderer and God stopped him from coming to chop me up into a million pieces and putting me into his suitcase. LOL! So after we (myself and the obscure brother that is) texted each other, obscure brother called me and that’s when things took a real weird turn. Pouchon’s “brother”, who I didn’t know existed until that day, sounded exactly like Pouchon. He even texted like Pouchon (misspelling the same exact words) He also said some of the same things like Pouchon.

To make a long story short, he told me that his brother told him about me and that he liked me and saw my picture and wanted to date me also. I was like WTF is going on? I just told him to tell Pouchon to call me when he felt better and hung up on that joker. Well a week later the real Pouchon called me and told me his “brother” had his phone and he was really in the hospital and a whole bunch of other crap that I don’t remember or care about. We still text from time to time but he has nothing to say to me so I just text him back when he ask me the same questions over and over How are you? Fine. How was your day? Good.

End. Of. Convo. 

– Nina Sky



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