Chronicle of Nina Sky: A Caribbean gal’s dating tales in South Florida.

In African American interest, Bahamas, Barbados, Caribbean American interest, Caribbean interest, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Relationships, Trinidad on February 27, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Make way for big, sexy and horny.


The Dating Chronicles of Nina Sky All characters chronicled are completely fictional (not really). Any resemblance to actual people you know is strictly coincidental! (Then again, I might be talking about you). 

“Big bro Sexy/Lil bro Horny” I met this pair via the Internet. I don’t believe in Internet dating but I had to give it a shot because technology is all around us so why not?

So Big bro is pretty much everything on the list that I described. He’s tall, thick, got a goatee, caramel colored, 35 and bald. I mean perfect for me.

He also has qualities that are on my extended list (that’s the list that has ALL my requirements).

He has a job!!!!! He is goofy. W e watch the same kind of TV shows. We like the same kiddie cereal, he believes in God. I mean this guy is too good to be true.

I signed up for this website that is similar to MySpace but definitely better and he’s my friend on this particular site. Messages site via the site led to our exchanging numbers and talking on the phone. The conversations are great. He doesn’t bore me and I’m always laughing when we talk.

So all is well, right? WRONG! Herein lies the rub. He has a live-in baby mama. They are no longer together, he said. She plans to move out. I should have left him alone and went about my business at this point, right? Well I did not; I decided to keep him as my friend on that unnamed site where were chitchat and ish.

It gets better ya’ll. His live in girlfriend, aware of our cyberchats, has tried to “friend” me on the Website. I declined. She’s emailed me in an attempt to urge me to “please leave her family alone because this website is just a game”, and he will never leave her.

I’ve told her that I agree. I know this is a social Web site. I’ve also told her that we live very far away from each other and have never met “so calm your self down. I don’t want your family, boo.”

So Big bro Sexy (aka teddy bear) and I continue to chat innocently from time to time.

Meanwhile, his younger brother – Lil bro Horny – has asked me to accept his friend request. (Cliffhanger!!!)

 I’ll fill you guys in on that next week.  – Nina Sky



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