Isaiah Washington keeps on truckin’

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Feels like it’s been eon since I’ve posted something. Wait! It has been. I blame the economy and all the stress that comes with a downward market. Sigh. 

But you know that I had to share some tidbits like say Isaiah Washington taking on the biopic role of the late Lou Rawls, Mr. You’ll Never Find another love like mine. 

Pathway Entertainment has acquired the script “Through the Eyes of a Son,” described as an uncensored take on the singer written by his son Lou Rawls Jr., and will develop it as a feature, with Isaiah Washington attached to play the famed crooner.

Born in Chicago in 1933, Rawls sang in a range of styles that included blues, soul, funk and R&B, selling millions of albums and earning legions of fans, as well as the accolades of Frank Sinatra. He also, according to the script, had a traumatic life, enduring a poverty-stricken childhood and, in adulthood, intense marital strife.

Take it away, Lou! 

Tough childhood, trajectory into stardom, fame, love, sex…um, sounds like all the right ingredients for a biopic. So the news is nothing earth shattering or that super exciting but it does mean another movie starring a black actor is in the making. That could make for a nice chat come happy hour. Have an easy, breezy Friday. – MJ

  1. TY for the post. It is great news that IW is featuring in some movies if not Tv shows. It would be a great loss not to be able to see this marvellous actor who is so good looking …and wonderful to see him acting again. He is too talented to have a scandal end his career least his acting is available for those who would like to watch…if not on Grey’s show. The show stopped being watchable anyway afer the powerhouse actor IW left, they been in the dark how to recapture the early magic.

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