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“Tomorrow People” is when I typically learn news things.

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I am such a Johnny come lately, seriously. I’m usually the last to know some well-known trivia like that Robin Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring from Days of Our Lives. Like really, I learned this just two days ago while whiling away the hours in a friend’s bedroom.

There’s so much one can learn from VH1. Where would we be sans cable? Heck. Where would I be? I’d be oblivious to the fact that Alan Thicke fathered Robin Thicke, that’s where. 

But that’s not the lede of the news. Nope. Not at all. I also learned while watching the same network that Ziggy Marley did what papa Bob Marley could not. Remember that hit tune, “Tomorrow People”? Well, ole Ziggy was able to burst through the Top 40s with this ditty that also garnered two Grammys.  That’s something Bob Marley never accomplished. 

I know. I know.

This is the sort of useful ish one can use when a conversation takes an awkward, silent turn. You can so blurt out that Ziggy Marley went one belt-notch above Bob Marley on the U.S. Top 40s and earned the most coveted music awards, and that socially awkward person you were talking to would so appreciate this tidbit.

Try it. You’ll see. – MJ


Grenada’s bakes, my new guilty pleasure

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My latest guilty pleasure is a scrumptious breakfast treat known in Grenada as bakes with spicy salt fish inside. This ish is yummy as hell. Grenadians will wince when I describe it as fried bread but that’s essentially what it is. It’s chewy dough packed with carbs, which makes it nothing less than bread served with fish or cheese or… Well I really don’t know what else Grenadians eat with bakes but I can attest that it’s delish. 

It also reminds me of codfish Haitian patties, which is another one of those Caribbean treats that’s tasty as hell but not as well known as say jerk chicken (fish, pork, beef) or ganja. – MJ


My latest breakfast yum-yum and Grenada's greatest culinary contribution

My latest breakfast yum-yum and one of Grenada's best culinary contributions

Haitian codfish patty - yummy Caribbean ish just like bakes or vice versa

Haitian codfish patty - another yummy Caribbean ish just like bakes

Isaiah Washington keeps on truckin’

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Feels like it’s been eon since I’ve posted something. Wait! It has been. I blame the economy and all the stress that comes with a downward market. Sigh. 

But you know that I had to share some tidbits like say Isaiah Washington taking on the biopic role of the late Lou Rawls, Mr. You’ll Never Find another love like mine. 

Pathway Entertainment has acquired the script “Through the Eyes of a Son,” described as an uncensored take on the singer written by his son Lou Rawls Jr., and will develop it as a feature, with Isaiah Washington attached to play the famed crooner.

Born in Chicago in 1933, Rawls sang in a range of styles that included blues, soul, funk and R&B, selling millions of albums and earning legions of fans, as well as the accolades of Frank Sinatra. He also, according to the script, had a traumatic life, enduring a poverty-stricken childhood and, in adulthood, intense marital strife.

Take it away, Lou! 

Tough childhood, trajectory into stardom, fame, love, sex…um, sounds like all the right ingredients for a biopic. So the news is nothing earth shattering or that super exciting but it does mean another movie starring a black actor is in the making. That could make for a nice chat come happy hour. Have an easy, breezy Friday. – MJ

Check this out

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Check out these new cars picks I found on Black Pretty cool wheels.

I walked away from this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit feeling comforted.

That hasn’t always been the case.

There’s been auto shows where I’ve winced when the wraps were removed, revealing questionable vehicles beneath. They’d either be too big, or too cramped, or not really a hybrid, leaving me to wonder who’d buy ‘em.

But this year, it’s been a mix bag and what’s in the bag isn’t all bad.

Some of my favorites:

Cadillac SRX Crossover: It’s has crisp lines and silhouettes, and an angular front-end that looks aristocratic.

General Motors Corp. also unveiled a Cadillac CTS wagon that suited my fancy. It’s a wagon that has nothing to do with those station wagons of yore. Very contemporary, very right now.

And I would be a dud if I didn’t mention the Cadillac Converj. This concept car oozed sleekness.

To read more, check out this brief piece on new 2009/2010 models like the new Ford Taurus.

Enjoy. – MP

What’s in a name? A whole effing lot.

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I’m not a mother. I’m fickle about motherhood. I don’t go all goo-goo, ga-ga about the prospect of motherhood. Actually it scares the shit out me. Motherhood is a big f%#king deal, and people who are nonchalant about this privilege simply don’t get the task at hand. 

With that said, (channeling one of my fave cousins who loves that term: with that said) I feel it’s importance to give a baby a proper name. Mama MJ taught me well. A child’s name is important as it’s the doorway to their identity, their personality. It’s called nomenclature. There should be a story or meaning behind a name. Not: I’m not sure what it means but… 

Or I just named him or her Baby X cuz…

Ask Mama and Papa MJ why they named their five children their specific names and prepare to hear stories – several of which are quite riveting.

A baby’s name should be fluid. It should fit with the middle name if there is a middle name and last name. I once dated a guy who’s first name was Mshindaji; middle name Mustafa; last name Grant. 

My reaction: WTF were your parents thinking? Where’s the melody in that nomenclature combo? 

And I get it. MMG’s Black Panther parents were caught up in the black power movement. They wanted to reaffirm their blackness through their child’s name. But Mshindaji + Mustafa + Grant = yuck. Nasty. Barf!

Names are like fashion. When you mix and match, you’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t come off sounding kooky. Plaid and polka-dots don’t work no matter the color scheme. 

Idiosyncractic as it is, the name combo Barack Obama works simply because it sings. Barack + Obama. Barack + Obama. Barack + Obama. First and last name fit perfectly. It helps that his first and surname are from a distinct religion/region. Michelle Obama also works but imagine if our First Lady was Condoleeza. Let’s say it slowly. Condoleeezzzaa Obaaaama

Gross, right?

And with that said, let’s segue to a story that underscores why I feel it’s important to give a child a sound name or one that has meaning or a damn good story. After all, they’ll have to carry that name for the rest of their lives unless they’re willing to spend ducats to legally undo the damage you’ve selfishly imposed on them. Might as well give them a a name they can feel proud of versus one where they’ll spend most of kindergarten and beyond cringing during attendance roll call. 

With that said, I present to you Marijuana Pepsi Jackson

Police years ago pulled over a young woman who rushed through an amber traffic light. “I’m about to arrest this person right now,” the irritated officer radioed to a dispatcher. “She’s telling me her name is Marijuana Pepsi Jackson.”

It’s the truth. Marijuana and Pepsi are her legal first and middle names, and the Beloit woman embraces them as a symbol of her struggle to succeed and to help other children overcome obstacles.

No Mary or Mary Jane or Mary Wanda for her. It’s Marijuana, thank you, she’s told bosses, co-workers and friends over the years, and even wore it on nametags at work.

See what I’m saying? – MJ



Jamaica’s own Biggie and Tupac, part deux?

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Reggae world, we all know what has been going on in the music world lately. I’m talking about all of the ongoing clashes. Some people think it could get out of hand one day and reach the rancorous level of Biggie and Tupac. In the end, conflict sells (e.g. Biggie & Tupac; Beanie & Bounty; Mavado & Vybez Kartel) but people have to be wise and know it is a lyrical war, not a physical confrontation. Some of these artist have said numerous times that these clashes are musical expressions, not meant to be taken literally. But I wonder if reggae clashes will ever escalate to violence? – MP

Chronicle of Nina Sky: A Caribbean gal’s dating tales in South Florida.

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Make way for big, sexy and horny.


The Dating Chronicles of Nina Sky All characters chronicled are completely fictional (not really). Any resemblance to actual people you know is strictly coincidental! (Then again, I might be talking about you). 

“Big bro Sexy/Lil bro Horny” I met this pair via the Internet. I don’t believe in Internet dating but I had to give it a shot because technology is all around us so why not?

So Big bro is pretty much everything on the list that I described. He’s tall, thick, got a goatee, caramel colored, 35 and bald. I mean perfect for me.

He also has qualities that are on my extended list (that’s the list that has ALL my requirements).

He has a job!!!!! He is goofy. W e watch the same kind of TV shows. We like the same kiddie cereal, he believes in God. I mean this guy is too good to be true.

I signed up for this website that is similar to MySpace but definitely better and he’s my friend on this particular site. Messages site via the site led to our exchanging numbers and talking on the phone. The conversations are great. He doesn’t bore me and I’m always laughing when we talk.

So all is well, right? WRONG! Herein lies the rub. He has a live-in baby mama. They are no longer together, he said. She plans to move out. I should have left him alone and went about my business at this point, right? Well I did not; I decided to keep him as my friend on that unnamed site where were chitchat and ish.

It gets better ya’ll. His live in girlfriend, aware of our cyberchats, has tried to “friend” me on the Website. I declined. She’s emailed me in an attempt to urge me to “please leave her family alone because this website is just a game”, and he will never leave her.

I’ve told her that I agree. I know this is a social Web site. I’ve also told her that we live very far away from each other and have never met “so calm your self down. I don’t want your family, boo.”

So Big bro Sexy (aka teddy bear) and I continue to chat innocently from time to time.

Meanwhile, his younger brother – Lil bro Horny – has asked me to accept his friend request. (Cliffhanger!!!)

 I’ll fill you guys in on that next week.  – Nina Sky


Nate Robinson keeps dunking over Dwight Robinson. Harrumph!

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Gosh, is it me or are things feeling a tad more somber than normal? I’m dragging. Need  more coffee. 

It’s been a pretty funky news week with the Connecticut chimp mauling, the ensuing New York Post racist cartoon, the jacked-up Rihanna photo, and the GOP’s seemingly never-ending whining about all things President Obama. Need a picker upper.

Um…Oh, I know…I’ll get a little dose of humor from The Onion. It’ll help me wile away the hours and get through this day.

Here’s what I dug up. 


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And now read except from a mock Onion  article. 

ORLANDO, FL-Since leaping over Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard to claim his second NBA dunk title Saturday, 5-foot-9 New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson has apparently dedicated himself to the sole task of jumping over Howard as the 7-footer goes about his daily life.

According to Howard, Robinson bounded over him roughly two dozen times on Tuesday alone, most notably while the All-Star center was putting gas in his car, as he was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, immediately after he woke up in the morning, two minutes later when he was taking a shower, and right afterward as he began to shave.

“I can’t do anything without that guy jumping over me,” said Howard, who glanced over his shoulder every few seconds during his press conference Wednesday. “He’s everywhere. When I took my mom to her doctor’s appointment last Monday, at church communion, and every time I get off my couch to put in a new DVD. And I watch a lot of DVDs.”

“Today I thought it was finally over because Nate hadn’t jumped over me once-not at the cleaners, the skate park, the gym, anywhere,” Howard said. “Then I sat down to a romantic dinner with my girlfriend and as soon as I stood up to light the candles, he comes flying in, breaks the dishware, and gets baked ziti all over the carpet.”

“It’s upsetting,” Howard continued. “But you know what angers me most? It’s that he really isn’t jumping over me. His crotch is barely clearing the top of my head, and he is putting his left arm on my back for an extra boost. You people are seeing that, right? You’re seeing that I need to lean down so he doesn’t bang his waist into the back of my head and fall to the ground and embarrass himself in front of everybody? You saw that I dunked on a fucking 12-foot hoop, right?”

Chuckle, chuckle.

Funny stuff. Happy Friday! – MJ

TMZ nabs Bruised Rihanna Pic

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And the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco continues… TMZ posted this obtained photo of a battered Rhianna on its site. I wouldn’t necessarily call these marks “horrific” or signs of a “brutal attack“. Unfortunately I’ve seen worse. By no means am I condoning the alleged Chris Brown beating. I am however stating the obvious: Usage of words like “horrific” in this case are a tad strong. I would describe the chimp mauling that left that poor woman without eyes, a nose or jaw horrifying.

This on the other hand is a messed up image that clearly sends a blinking red sign that it’s time Rihanna and Chris Brown say beddy-bye to their relationship. – MJ


TMZ exclusive photo

TMZ exclusive photo

The chimp and the news cycle.

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A couple of thoughts bout the dead ape: 

The New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas was very racist! EXTREMELY. Why? Cuz historically black people have been called monkeys, apes, coons, spades, etcetera. Therefore drawing a cartoon based on Monday’s Connecticut chimp shooting that shows slain chimp and two hovering white police officers saying, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill,” brings to mind President Barack Obama who is black and author of said stimulus bill and that makes it racial.

The chimp, in case you haven’t heard, once starred in an Old Navy commercial with actress Morgan Fairchild. Known as Travis, the chimp mauled a woman on Monday, ripped her face off before police shot it to death.

The cartoon sadly gives this story, though riveting in a wholly craps, a-chimp-mauls suburbanite-woman-kind-of-way, more traction. 

I wonder what’s up with New York Post editors? Freedom of speech aside, it’s their job to control (and yes, they typically do control) news stories and editorial cartoons presented in the paper before it goes to print. The cartoon was racist, insensitive, sad, unfunny, and a complete disregard for Post readership, many of whom are minorities (and in NYC the term minority is an oxymoron). 

So what happens when a racist cartoon hits newsstands? There’s an uproar and protest ensues. Then the paper rebuts with a flimsy excuse: 

Col Allan, editor-in-chief of the Post, defended the work. “The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut,” Allan said in a statement. “It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy…”

Then Washington, DC, reporters are told  to get a quote from the White House.

They do:

Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary, declined comment. “I have not seen the cartoon,” he told reporters aboard Air Force One as Mr Obama returned to Washington. “But I don’t think it’s altogether newsworthy reading the New York Post.”

Then Eric Holder, the country’s first black general attorney, says we remain “essentially a nation of cowards.” 

Then New York Daily News columnist Michael Daly sides with the Rev. Al Sharpton because he can’t find the humor in the cartoon either and surmises it’s racist. 

Then things really get weird when the turn of events are discussed on ABC’s “The View”.  Jezebel reports that Sherri Shepherd twice had to correct the award-winning veteran reporter Barbara Walters who was confused about the monkey’s color in the cartoon. 

Then I say let’s put this thing to rest: Stop reading that rag. – MJ