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“Tomorrow People” is when I typically learn news things.

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I am such a Johnny come lately, seriously. I’m usually the last to know some well-known trivia like that Robin Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring from Days of Our Lives. Like really, I learned this just two days ago while whiling away the hours in a friend’s bedroom.

There’s so much one can learn from VH1. Where would we be sans cable? Heck. Where would I be? I’d be oblivious to the fact that Alan Thicke fathered Robin Thicke, that’s where. 

But that’s not the lede of the news. Nope. Not at all. I also learned while watching the same network that Ziggy Marley did what papa Bob Marley could not. Remember that hit tune, “Tomorrow People”? Well, ole Ziggy was able to burst through the Top 40s with this ditty that also garnered two Grammys.  That’s something Bob Marley never accomplished. 

I know. I know.

This is the sort of useful ish one can use when a conversation takes an awkward, silent turn. You can so blurt out that Ziggy Marley went one belt-notch above Bob Marley on the U.S. Top 40s and earned the most coveted music awards, and that socially awkward person you were talking to would so appreciate this tidbit.

Try it. You’ll see. – MJ


Richie Spice Vs. Gyptian

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I like and respect both artists. They both sing conscious songs and songs uplifting the ladies and are both loved by the masses. Although Richie Spice resume is a little longer I would like to know who the people rate as a better artists.  So let us know how you feel. – MP



Skank gets embarrassed on stage with reggae artist Mavado. Oops!

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I don’t go to these types of concerts anymore but when I did I was always annoyed by that random chick or chicks who felt the need to install themselves into the act. You know what I’m talking about. Those skanky,  um ,raunchy Caribbean chicks who’d climb up on stage and wind their bums bums in a come hither, bang me now fashion to whichever reggae star happened to be performing. It always made me want to scream, “Hey you with the bad hair dye job and disintegrating outfit, yeah you, please get the fuck off the stage!” A little volatile, I know. But sheese, when I plunk down my hard earned money to see an act, I want to see the act minus corny additives like horny Caribbean chick showing off her inverted dancing abilities on stage.

As Jersey cats would say, bonk dat!

And I’m so not hatin’. It’s just there’s a time and place for that and it’s known either as the battle circle at a dance hall or in front of one those ubiquitous club mirrors that we Caribbean gals are known to commandeer cuz…

OK, I’m clueless as to why we do this. Absolutely clueless. But do check out this brief video and see reason No. 13 why it’s not a good idea to hop on the stage in the middle of a reggae act.

And pay no attention to the writing below about squeezed boobies. That’s not what I’m alluding to. Beside, stage skanks typically expect a lil’ groping action when they thrusts themselves in the spotlight.

Dare I say, I’m certain she wasn’t feeling so special afterwards. Hee, hee. – MJ

Walking Da Bush

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Boy, it’s always interesting taking a stroll along the contiguous Brooklyn corridor known as Flatbush. To fully get my point, the ambling has to take place in the West Indian section, which starts roughly at Empire Boulevard and ends around the Flatbush Junction near Brooklyn College. Arm yourself now, ladies. You’ll be more peeved than entertained.  Oh, the gawking and inevitable catcalls!

When I recently took a walk down the strip, err, I mean avenue I was reminded with each ogle, with each “mm,mm”, with each “baby girl or gal,” depending on who’s talking, with every pendulous tongue, and craned neck that when it comes to the bare essentials of who I am, I’m meat. I’m fresh meat meant to be rubbed, kneaded, then eaten like, well, meat.

Put on your bib. Chomp, chomp. 

I felt like a modern day Red Riding Hood and I was simply trying to make my way to Staples. There was not one two-legged wolf but a pack of em’, EVERYWHERE – staring and saying things like “Hey, sexy.”

*Pssss…for Caribbean brothas of Da Bush, “sexy” is a favorite adjective when accosting unsuspecting female pedestrians.*

One brotha even showed me his fancy footwork as he suddenly broke into dance in the middle of the sidewalk. Reggae music blared from speakers inside a store as I purposely took longer steps to quickly pass this fool who reminded me of a jellybean with legs. That guy should apply for a job as a sport mascot or consider doing Fruit of the Loom commercials. Just my two cents.

Fool of the Da Bush looked like this fella

Fool of the Da Bush looked like this fella

To my Caribbean brothas representing Da Bush, I give you a high-five. Thanks for welcoming me back home. It feels great to know that in spite of women advancements and Bob Marley’s indelible songs of harmony, love, and respect for women, that you, Caribbean brothas of Da Bush, have not wavered from your lecherous ways. – MJ

P.S. I’m totally aware that Bob Marley had his own issues with the ladies. But Caribbean brothas of Da Bush, you’re supposed to grow from his wayward ways. Heed his words of wisdom. Do as he sang, not as he lived.