Grenada’s bakes, my new guilty pleasure

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My latest guilty pleasure is a scrumptious breakfast treat known in Grenada as bakes with spicy salt fish inside. This ish is yummy as hell. Grenadians will wince when I describe it as fried bread but that’s essentially what it is. It’s chewy dough packed with carbs, which makes it nothing less than bread served with fish or cheese or… Well I really don’t know what else Grenadians eat with bakes but I can attest that it’s delish. 

It also reminds me of codfish Haitian patties, which is another one of those Caribbean treats that’s tasty as hell but not as well known as say jerk chicken (fish, pork, beef) or ganja. – MJ


My latest breakfast yum-yum and Grenada's greatest culinary contribution

My latest breakfast yum-yum and one of Grenada's best culinary contributions

Haitian codfish patty - yummy Caribbean ish just like bakes or vice versa

Haitian codfish patty - another yummy Caribbean ish just like bakes

  1. Yep you gotta love Fry Bakes and Salt Fish, I can do with some right now. Love your blog and your spirited writing style.

  2. […] Grenada’s bakes, my new guilty pleasure – this blogger confesses to falling victim to the delicious Grenada Bakes and Salt fish. If you can get your hands and mouth on some while in Grenada jump on it.. its awesome stuff. […]

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